Personage Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

With the global paradigm shift in these unprecedented times, it has become imperative for organizations to INNOvate and enaBLE their people to stay relevant with upgraded capacities in the new world.


Personage (as a new age INNO-BLER) was founded by Vinee Ajmera on the belief that human potential is best unleashed if it is inspired through Behavioural, Cognitive, Emotional and Social inputs to shape and channelise it. Often, employee performance falls short of expectations around innovation and customer service due to unconscious short- comings and unleveraged strengths giving rise to frustration, lack of self -belief, missed opportunities, and a sense of being trapped in a state.

Over the years, we have developed numerous mass customized solutions and interventions that assist organizations to address foundational issues that block superior performance from an otherwise bright and eager workforce. Our solutions and interventions are designed drawing on best conceptual researched knowledge and the practical experience of a range of business leaders from across the world. We pride ourselves on the quality, passion, and commitment we bring to helping employees achieve their potential and align with the company’s vision and strategic goals.

With our eclectic experience and expertise fused with an original approach, we have positively impacted the lives of over 50,000 individuals. We hope to inspire and improve many more lives and build a better future for all. Nothing will give us greater satisfaction than making India’s 75th year of Independence more meaningful!

“There is no obstacle stronger than your strengths and no barrier greater than your beliefs.”
-Vinee Ajmera

Neoteric Courses

Go Lead The Future

Personage has pioneered content-rich self-paced courses focused on building personal and professional capabilities for working executives, high potential employees including new and seasoned leaders. The Expert-led inputs are supplemented with multiple 1-1 live online sessions with our adept Personalized Learning Facilitators.
Our value-for-money neoteric courses follow an experience sharing and storytelling approach that leads to high-impact and results-based learnings imparted by industry leaders through structured high quality video lessons. The power packed 1-1 live online sessions with our Personalized Learning Facilitators trainers help deeper internalization and application of learnings to their work situation with relevant case studies and through role plays and scenario simulations .

Trainer & Training Service Facilitation

Personage offers Trainer & Training service facilitation with its growing network of over 5000 of the best trainers pan-India that can meet the large-scale soft skills and sales training needs in industries like IT, BFSI, Manufacturing and other sectors.

Our database of a rigorously pre-screened network of high quality trainers and facilitators ensures a hassle-free, low set-up time and high performance experience.

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